Metadot Wallet Launches it’s Beta Version

Written by Masooma Asif
June 8, 2023

Metadot has launched its beta version, setting another milestone in the blockchain realm. Metadot holds an exceptional place in technology, standing runners up in the Encode Club hackathon, which is now progressing towards becoming a para-chain enabling wallet.

Metadot is currently a gas-free non-custodial browser extension wallet with testnets enabled on Kusama. The Value of Metadot wallet is revolutionary; it envisions the future of blockchain actions on all parachains.

The Metadot wallet supports testnets on Shibuya, Westend, and Context-free, which are Kusama and Polkadot-enabled platforms. These testnets give users a broad perspective of the Metadot wallet that is solely developed for; easy network management, security, and flexibility of digital asset holding enabled on vast blockchains. The Metadot wallet is the future of all-chain-enabled wallets.

Metadot, with its association in Xord, has formerly worked on various astonishing projects, and the Polkadot wallet “Metadot” is also extraordinary. The team of Metadot is dedicatedly working on creating infinite possibilities for a wallet that enables all parachains on the network.